Earthborn Chicken Catcciatori (Chicken N Gravy)


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Earthborn Holistic® Chicken Catcciatori canned Chicken Dinner in Gravy is an excellent source of high quality protein. This grain-free dinner consists of chicken, and lots of it, providing a delicious, highly digestible diet. This recipe also includes wholesome potatoes as an exceptional source of vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene which help maintain your cat’s immune system.

Boneless, skinless white meat chicken in a savory gravy will be sure to please your finicky cat. Chicken Catcciatori is 100% guaranteed for taste and nutrition.

Chicken Catcciatori is produced in a human grade facility using many of the same ingredients and processes that are used in ‘people food.”

Available in 5.5 and 3 oz. cans

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